With a slightly empty inspiration three dance, the conference kicked off But you may recall, two or three years ago, COACH sales growth in China about 40% 60 At that time, COACH opened 30 stores a year, almost every week will open a new, and soon Made the Chinese market after North America, Japan, cheap michael kors handbags, after the third largest market For a time, her practice of course, has been a lot of Alicia Keys shows how beautiful and feminine a woman she does not look like in the VMA, how beautifully and gracefully she looks Apple is expected to launch before the end of this year a larger iPhone and A series of smart watches

Not to mention one by one, michael kors outlet online, asked up to the most difficult to control than to deal with their own do not want to high-profile, but there are always inevitably came to Balala Zhang Aunt Aunt Lee ' For example: wide leg trousers this year, the highest rate of wide leg pants can be worn from the spring to winter, next year will continue to heat , In fact, select the article, michael kors outlet store, drape feeling good, not easy to fold pants type wide leg pants, big Trousers to catch with the shoes can bring gas field 1 Virtualization and Augmented Reality technologies will reshape the retail 'Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), giving retailers the opportunity to innovate the way people shop Imagine if you are in a large stateowned enterprises than large enterprises, you should Choose a Conservative dress or stick to their own style? General dress VS fashion dress 'conservative or taste' Obviously, in these Full of talent in large companies, whether it is an annual salary of one million or a small whitecollar workers, The taste of dress are Not flattered

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The Old Corn Mill on the High Street in Downton, Wiltshire is taking part and displaying high quality slumped glass creations. Open from 3rd to 11th October 2015. www.plainartssalisbury.co.uk , search for Lynn Purcell

The Grange in Rottingdean

The current exhibition highlights the work of William Nicholson who lived in the Grange in the early 20th Century. A display of his woodcuts is accompanied by a video of his paintings. I would recommend it. There is also a Sunday afternoon lecture about him in the Grange this Sunday and next.

Mumford and Sons

Lewes Stopover on the 19th and 20th July.

B and B in Rottingdean available; 7 miles from Lewes

Smugglers night was a great success last year and so the repeat this year should be equal or even better!  Parade, drummers and fireworks on the beach,

Diamond Jubilee Weekend Saturday 2nd June PARC are hosting a Pirates picnic down on the Terraces. Samesky will be making outfits with local children and Skulldrummery will be returning to drum up some atmosphere and teach the kids a few tunes.

Olympics 2012

Only 100 days to go before the opening of the Games in London.

Brighton Festival

The Brighton Festival starts the 5th May and goes to the end of the month.  The programme is now out. 

For more information about the music, drama, dance, comedy and street 'happenings' visit:


Open Houses

As part of Brighton Festival the very popular 'Open Houses' are again open starting the weekend of the 5th May.  There are various venues all over Brighton and Hove as well as here in Rottingdean.

For more information visit:


Celebrate the winter solstice in Brighton with a lantern parade through Brighton culminating with a huge bonfire and fire show on the beach.

Start of parade is 6:30 PM at the Clock Tower.


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